HUGE NEWS - Brand New Packaging, Cases and A Shorter Build Time

HUGE NEWS - Brand New Packaging, Cases and A Shorter Build Time

The Same Empire, Just Better

We're never going to stop improving our product experience or our service. We have always been dedicated to providing you with the best that we can, and as we continue to grow, develop, and evolve as a company, our best only gets better. And to that end, here are two very exciting pieces of news!

Effective for New Orders starting July 1st, 2019: 

The Same Empire Experience, Just A Shorter Wait Time

Empire Ears Custom In Ear Monitor Build Times Are Now Three WeeksWe hand make every single unit. Pouring the shells, assembling the synX crossovers, applying A.R.C., wiring and testing every individual driver, buffing, polishing, engraving - all of this is done by hand. Our skilled artisans and technicians work diligently to provide a flawless, industry leading product, and the only way to accomplish this is to be hands on at every step. 

BUT, there's always room for improvement. We listened to our production staff, incorporated new policies and streamlined as much as we could and the results speak for themselves. We're proud to announce that the build time for custom orders has dropped from 5 weeks to just 3 weeks. A handcrafted, bespoke and fully customized, world-class in ear monitor, built to your specification, in just 3 weeks... Yeah, we know, high-fives all 'round.

The Same Empire Product, Just Fancier Clothes

Its difficult to communicate to a customer just how much we care about our products. If it were feasible, we'd deliver each one of our orders atop a velvet pillow, brought to your door by a super-stoked Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, beaming, fist pumping as he descends from the Stretch Hummer Limo we send him around in. Sadly, this is not feasible. We asked, he's busy.

Empire Ears has a New Case!Instead we've got the next best thing, it's sexy and sleek and and it will keep your IEMs safe. It's the brand new Empire Ears Aluminum Case. Custom engraved, this sturdy, water resistant, all metal case is lined with anti-microbial rubber and will keep your ears safe from all sorts of hazards.

In addition to the new cases, we're rolling out all new packaging, and it is beautiful. Empire Ears Has New Packaging For Its Custom and Universal In Ear MonitorsCustom in ear monitors will ship in the new case, nestled safely in the new box, while universals will ship couched in their new cut outs, beautifully displayed as you open the box for the first time. Also unique to the universal packaging is the accessory drawer, containing a special laser cut metal sheet holding the Final Audio ear tips.

Empire Ears Has New Packaging for its Custom In Ear Monitors

 Thank You All So Much

None of these developments, or even us as a company, would exist without your loyalty and support. So we wanted to close by telling you that we're grateful. We know what we do is a niche product for a niche industry and to be able to Pursue The Extraordinary in the way that we do is a privilege, a privilege granted by all of you. So, again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.