Free Chapel has been one of our favorite worship groups to work with and support. They bring a family focused worship practice, striving for goodness and grace wherever they can. They inspire their congregation with a music program that brings a breadth and depth that is second to none. They've even begun to make original music as well as bringing the classics to life with a focus on musicianship and energetic performances.

Live From Gainesville, Georgia!

Being family owned and operated, we value community and family above all else.We are proud to work with faith and worship leaders in the Atlanta area as well as Nationwide. We want to provide the in-ear monitors necessary for a faith driven musical service to best serve their communities. To that end we offer products of the highest standards and at a broad variety of models and price points to help any musician or speaker better serve their communities.

Free Chapel Customer Testimonial


We're here to help our partners in any way we can, from providing custom and universal in-ear monitor solutions to solving technical difficulties. We want our partners to thrive just like we do and we're committed to providing the access and customer service necessary for success. 

You can catch an impassioned service at any one of their 8 nationwide campuses. Find your campus HERE.

Also, you can watch a service online HERE. We're so grateful for their kind words and our continued relationship as we move forward growing our fantastic line of customized in ear monitors.