AND WE HAVE A WINNER!!! Best Universal IEM of 2020 - ODIN!

AND WE HAVE A WINNER!!! Best Universal IEM of 2020 - ODIN!

We are humbled by the reception of our newest flagship IEM, Odin. Truly, we are floored the feedback from our fans and critics alike. It is beyond validating for each one of us in the lab who have given so much of ourselves in pursuit of this IEM. And so, with no further ado:

We Have Won's Best Universal IEM of 2020 - Click here to read more! Best Of 2020 Award

It is such an honor to have our hard work recognized by one of the industry's biggest publications in Earning the Best Universal IEM of the Year for 2020 for Odin is a real feather in our cap after a year that has been less than stellar for many, many folk. 

We would like to thank all the writers and editors at for their consideration and for this award. The development of Odin as been our greatest challenge to date, requiring us to reach deeper into our arsenal than any other project we have ever attempted. Bringing together every custom process and technology we possess into a cohesive, enjoyable experience represents our company's life's work.

Furthermore, with more on the line than ever, we launched Odin amid a worldwide pandemic - less than ideal timing. Despite the inability to tour Odin around the world's various audiophile shows, we saw Odin do the talking for us. 

Our gratitude is immense and heartfelt. It is always our goal to bring the world's best quality IEMs to the market. Succeeding in this regard makes every ounce of strife worth it. READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE.