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Empire Ears EIVECElectrostatic (EST) drivers are technological marvels; the insane frequency range and unmatched resolution are too attractive to overlook. However, they are incapable of producing any sound under 4kHz, and due to their unique power requirements, they do not play nicely with other drivers, often drowning out their Balanced Armature and Dynamic counterparts. And yet, for all the complication they invite, EST drivers are capable of producing tones up to 100kHz reliably, well above what you and I can hear - a feat requiring unrivaled agility, an agility also requisite to reproduce music in the finest detail and with the greatest resolution possible. How, then, do you incorporate the benefits of the EST driver without it negatively impacting the overall sound?

EIVEC - Empire Intelligent Variable Electrostatic Control

Empire Ears EIVECEmpire Ears found our answer in our newest technological milestone, EIVECEIVEC - Empire Intelligent Variable Electrostatic Control - bridges the chasm between EST drivers and their more traditional peers. In the case of the Valkyrie, we’ve utilized EIVEC to bring the three separate technologies of Dynamic, Balanced Armature, and EST drivers into perfect harmony. Working in tandem with our signature synX crossover network, the result is all the resolution, detail, and clarity you could want available across an enormous 4Hz-100kHz range. The Wraith takes things even further, breaking new ground as the World’s First Quad EST in-ear monitor. But increasing driver count is never the goal, especially when the inclusion bears no significant impact. Instead, each of the four EST drivers performs a specific duty, adding layer upon layer of detail and texture, resulting in performance unmatched by any other. EIVEC is the feather in our cap, and represents a turning point in portable, high-fidelity audio equipment.

Taming the Electrostat - Developing EIVEC

Empire Ears EIVECEIVEC sits at the intersection of dogged determination and brilliant innovation. It took every ounce of skill, knowledge, and experience - as well as every trick and hack we’ve discovered - to breathe life into EIVEC. For us to incorporate EST drivers into our builds, we needed to do so in a way that not only avoided the pitfalls that have affected so many EST in-ear monitors before ours, but also made the EST drivers shine to their greatest potential.

Countless trials, sleepless nights, proved that what sounded like a good idea was, in reality, an insurmountable task. But we remained true to our promise to never compromise on our sound, and so we went back to the drawing board, over and over, until, finally, we cracked it. Suddenly, the ears were blissful, delicate yet controlled. We had our EST drivers tamed -- the proverbial stallion had been broken. And like a broken stallion, once you get it to walk and trot, you make it gallop. Control over the EST firmly established, we’ve paired EIVEC with our synX Crossover Networks to provide a listening experience that transcends the status quo.

Empire Ears EIVEC