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Weapon IX Subwoofer SystemMuch of music is experienced through the subsonic frequencies. It’s why every theater or surround sound system incorporates large, thumping subwoofers. The subwoofer is the reason you genuinely feel the impacts and low tones while listening to films or music as the sound waves pass around and through you. This physical sensation, while often not at the front of your listening experience, is one of the things that add a full and rich quality to the time you spend listening. Enter our secret weapon, the Weapon IX subwoofer system. At a whopping 9mm, this proprietary dynamic driver brings the full force of your music to your ears, hitting you with the essence of a true subwoofer. This visceral sensation brings a depth to the experience that is unmatched in the in-ear monitor world. Every kick drum hit, snare triplet, or reverberation of a slapped bass note will be felt as much as it is heard.

Rich, Revealing Low End

Weapon IX Subwoofer SystemIt is worth mentioning that too much bass can absolutely be a bad thing. We are profoundly aware of this fact and do everything we can do provide an honest and true low frequency range. We tune our in-ears so that no driver is artificially featured, instead providing a revealing sound. In the case of our Vantage, Nemesis and Legend X IEMs we use two Weapon IX subwoofers, one of which is dedicated strictly to subsonic frequencies for the low end and the mid lows. This means that one subwoofer produces a rich and luscious tone while the other provides the air pressure of the hit. By not artificially upping the bass we maintain our enormous, 3D soundstage while providing more information for you to digest. When the bass is there, it hits, when it’s not, we are not artificially amplifying the low end. The result is a pristine quality of sound spread across our signature enormous soundstage and a sensation so visceral you’d swear you’re not wearing in-ear monitors.

Weapon IX Subwoofer SystemAfter nearly 2 years of relentless R&D Empire is proud to announce the Weapon IX (W9), a proprietary 9mm rare-earth magnet subwoofer with the ability to deliver extreme output, accurate dynamics and sublime sound quality all at the same time. The keys to these performance capabilities lie at the very core of its design, where the woofer is enclosed in a tuned bass-reflex system with a front-firing sound port and rear-firing vent for maximum efficiency. Conventional dynamic drivers and passive radiators (a speaker without the magnet and coil) often suffer in low octave frequencies and are heavily dependent on internal shell enclosures for volume, limiting form factor and vastly reducing efficiency with limited extension. The W9 is superior in its custom port tuned design, reaching frequencies even lower than its target response while mitigating distortion as the woofer isn’t required to move as far near resonance frequency.

Every W9 subwoofer is hand assembled to our exacting quality standards in our Norcross, Georgia laboratory.

The combination of our synX Crossover Network, A.R.C. - our Anti Resonance Compound, and the Weapon IX subwoofer system culminate in a truly unique experience. Through the heavy signal delineation of the synX networks and the aggressive dampening of unwanted resonance through A.R.C., we are able to fully capitalize on the incredible potential of the Weapon IX subwoofer. Not only do the subwoofers produce their rich bass tones true to the source, they produce the visceral sensations in a revealing and honest manner. They will not lie to you, they artificially amplify any segment of the frequency range and they will not fatigue your ears like other bass emphasis drivers. This is in part because of the ground breaking design of the Weapon IX, but also because our A.R.C. technology kills all in shell resonance, allowing us to deliver only what you want to hear. Feel all of the low range as well as hear it - and through synX, feel much of the low mid range. Using the crossovers we can dictate one of the subwoofers to produce the attack and reverberation of the low mids as well as the bass and sub bass, leading to a much richer and more meaningful listening experience. From heavy metal to solo cellist performances, our Weapon IX subwoofer delivers the best quality sound available. Experience delicacy in our enormous, three dimensional soundstage or transport yourself to the club with our rich, thumping bass. The Weapon IX does it all, and does it all perfectly. Experience one of the things that truly puts us above our competition. With sound this good, why would you listen anywhere else? Read more about the snyX Crossover Networks HERE and the A.R.C. Technology HERE.