Ear Impression Molds For In-Ears - Empire Ears

All of our handcrafted custom in ear monitors require a full shell impression, completed by a professional audiologist. Be sure to print this impression guide and give to the audiologist during your visit. 

PLEASE NOTE: YOUR EAR IMPRESSIONS DICTATE THE FINAL FIT OF YOUR CUSTOM IEMS - PLEASE FOLLOW OUR GUIDELINES TO ENSURE THAT YOUR FIT IS CORRECT. You will be responsible for all inbound shipping, outbound shipping, and customs costs associated with refitting your custom IEMs.


The impressions should display the full contour of both the outer ear and the ear canal, to a sufficient depth. The photos above are a perfect example of an excellent ear impression as provided

Each ear impression must include the full helix, crus of the helix, tragus and antitragus.

IMPORTANT: The impression must be taken just past the second bend of the ear canal.

The material utilized to shoot the impression must be made of high-viscosity silicone.

The impression must be taken with the client’s mouth open. We recommend that a 1-2” bite block is used. Utilizing this method will reduce movement and will result in a more secure fitment as well as an optimum seal for maximum performance from your Empire custom in-ear monitors.

If you have any questions at all or are unsure if your impressions meet the requirements please send detailed photos to our support team at

Once you receive your impressions, please ship them to us at:

Empire Ears
5600 Oakbrook Pkwy.
Suite 100
Norcross, Georgia 30093

Download Printable Ear Impression Guide Form