HELP! My ear is crushed/damaged/needs service! What can I do? No worries, we can get you back up and running! Print and fill out our REPAIR FORM and send it and your IEMs to us in the Aegis case for evaluation. Once received, a member of our support team will get back to you within 48 hours. Ship ears to:

Empire Ears
5600 Oakbrook Parkway
STE #100
Norcross, GA 30093

Are my ear impressions usable? If you have any concerns at all about the usability of our ear impressions, please send us photos with multiple angles to A member of our staff will let you know if they are suitable for our production process. You can also check out our ear impressions guide HERE.

Do I need to visit a specific audiologist for my ear impressions? Nearly all audiologists that take ear impressions for hearing aids should be equipped to take impressions for your CIEMs. However, CIEM impressions have different requirements so be sure to refer to our ear impressions guide HERE. Additionally, we have a network of recommended audiologists. CLICK HERE to see if we have a recommended audiologist in your area.

I’m trying to check out but my country is not listed under shipping options. How can I place my order?  If your country does not appear in our shipping channels, it is because we have a dealer in your area. Check out our network of dealers HERE.

I just bought custom IEMs from someone; will you reshell them to my ear impressions? We do not offer transfer of ownership for custom IEMs and cannot accommodate reshells to different ear impressions. You’ll need to refer to a third party reshelling company for this service and this will void any remaining warranty on the unit.

Can I get a customized universal IEM? At this time we do not offer made-to-order customized universal IEMs.

Can I get the ADEL modules on the EP or X Series? The ADEL technology is not compatible with the EP or X Series.

What size tips are compatible with your IEMs? If you are seeking Comply Foam tips, the correct size is T500. The bore on our universal IEMs is approximately 6mm in diameter.

  • My IEMs have a lot of earwax buildup. What can I do to clean them? 
  • We highly recommend cleaning your IEMs with the provided cleaning tool after every use. This will ensure that the wax doesn’t travel down the sound tubes and cause sound issues. If you feel that there is wax buildup you cannot reach with the cleaning tool send it in to us for a deep cleaning. Use THIS repair form.

  • What’s the difference between custom and universal fit in ear monitors and which is best suited for me? Custom IEMs are molded to fit your unique ear anatomy. CIEMs are ideal for musicians or anyone seeking the full stability and isolation benefits of a custom shell (~26dB). Additionally, CIEMs are the route to go for anyone looking for a specific aesthetic, as they are fully customizable. Universal IEMs are designed to fit everyone and provide a comfortable seal for those that prefer earbuds. UIEMs are an ideal solution for bands or Houses of Worship with rotating musicians. Universal in-ear monitors may be best for you if you dont: want to wait for customs, mind using Final Audio Type E tips, or want to visit your local audiologist for ear impressions.

  • What's the difference between the EP and the X Series? The X series is a hybrid design that features Knowles balanced armature drivers as well as our proprietary W9 dynamic subwoofer. The X Series is designed to enhance different aspects of your mix to help you stay in the pocket of a live performance. The EP Series is a fully balanced armature line intended to magnify the nuances of your music. From an honest, flat response to a vocal-centric signature, the EP series is designed to deliver music as it was intended to be heard.

  • Which product is best for me? Each model is designed with unique sound signatures for different applications. Feel free to contact your sales team at to discuss your needs.

    What happens if I go custom and the fit isn't perfect. In the event that your CIEMs require adjustment, we offer a 30 day fit guarantee. We are happy to make up to two adjustments to ensure that you get a perfect seal. Keep in mind that you will be responsible for inbound shipping, outbound shipping, and where applicable, customs charges. You can learn more about shipping HERE.



  • Are your products made in the USA? Every set of Empire in-ear monitors is proudly designed and handcrafted in Norcross, Georgia.

  • What's the difference between a universal in-ear-monitor and a custom in-ear-monitor? Custom in-ear monitors are built specifically to your unique ear anatomy, offering a glove-like fitment resulting in unparalleled sound isolation. This option requires a trip to your local audiologist for ear impressions. Ear impressions are required for us to make your custom in-ear monitors.
    Empire universal in-ear monitors were designed to fit nearly everyone and do not require ear impressions. They are inserted via the provided Final Audio Type E Tips.

    Which product is best, custom in-ear monitors or universal in-ear monitors? You can’t go wrong with either one. Really. A lot depends on how you intend to use them.

    For example, if you are a musician, artist or audio enthusiast that desires a custom fit and seal for maximum secure fit and noise isolation, then you may want to go with a custom in-ear monitor.

    Universal in-ear monitors may be best for you if you don’t: want to wait for customs, mind using Final Audio Type E tips, or don't want to go visit your local audiologist for ear impressions.

    If you need guidance in which model may better suit your application please give us a call at 770-945-0065 or send us an email at and one of our professional consultants will be happy to guide you in the right direction.

    Which product is best for me? In-ear monitors are very personal purchases and it can be difficult to make a decision without trying the product. All of our products have been tried and tested in the markets for which they’ve been designed to ensure the best performance out of every configuration we offer. If you need guidance in which model may better suit your application, please contact us at and one of our professional consultants will be happy to assist you.

    How long will my custom in-ear monitor last? Normally, they should last you about 3 to 5+ years depending on usage and care. Please read the Empire User Guide before use. This will help you understand how to use and best care for your Empire in-ear monitors for many years of enjoyment.

    Can I transfer ownership of my in-ears? Transfer of ownership is not allowed.

    What's in the box? 

    • Quick start user guide
    • Empire Aegis case (Personalized Engraving for custom in-ear monitor orders)
    • Empire microfiber dust bag
    • Empire microfiber IEM pouch
    • Empire microfiber cleaning cloth
    • Double sided, IEM cleaning tool

    What is your warranty for your products? All Empire custom in-ear monitors are warranted against manufacturer defects and workmanship for a period of 24 months from the original manufacture date and 12 months from the shipping date for universal in-ear monitors, whichever is later. Cables and accessories are not covered under the warranty. Please visit our Full Warranty Page for more information.



    What is the average turnaround time for Empire Ears IEM's? 
    Custom Orders with or without Custom Artwork: 
    The estimated build time for a set of custom Empire in-ear monitors is approximately 8 weeks from the time we receive and accept your ear impressions.

    How long do I have to send in impressions after placing an order? You should try to send in your ear impressions as soon as possible. Your order will be on hold until your impressions are received and accepted. Learn more about getting your impressions made here.

    How long do I have to send custom artwork after placing an order? You should try to send in your custom artwork as soon as possible. Your order will be on hold until your artwork is received and approved by the Empire Ears art department.

    Can I cancel my order once I have already submitted my ear impressions? We process ear impressions within 24 hours of arrival. Once processed in our lab your order cannot be cancelled. Please select and review your model and color options carefully before completing your purchase.

    What is your return policy on universal in-ear monitors? Accessories? We will issue a refund for qualified universal in-ear monitors, if returned within 15 days from the date of shipment. Returns will be subject to a minimum of 20% restocking and processing fee less shipping costs. If payment was delivered via Paypal, the refund will be issued less the 2.9% + $.30 Paypal processing fee.

    All returns are subject to review and acceptance at the sole discretion of Empire Ears. Product must be in its original condition, with ALL original packaging, and in resalable condition. Please see our return policy for more details.

    No returns on accessories.

    What is your return policy on custom in-ear monitors? Custom in-ear monitors are personalized orders made specifically for you and your ears. Therefore, they are not returnable or refundable. Please review and select the best model and customized options for you before proceeding with your purchase.

    Can I upgrade | change | trade in my custom monitors to a different model? No. Our custom in-ear monitors were not engineered to be modular. Therefore, they are not “upgradeable” to different models.

    Your custom in-ear monitors were built precisely to fit the unique shape of your ear depending on the driver set up for that particular model only. To change to a new model, we would need to make you new custom in-ear monitors built according to the driver set up of the new model and your ear.

    Can I upgrade or re-shell my universal monitors? No. We do not offer re-shell service for universal in-ear monitors.

    What if the custom in ear monitors fit incorrectly? In the event that your custom in-ear monitor fit isn't right, we are happy to receive and refit your custom IEMs for you. However, because we use your in-ear impression molds to make the shell of all custom in-ear monitors, you will be responsible for inbound shipping, outbound shipping, and where applicable, customs charges. If the fit is incorrect it is because the mold was made incorrectly. You can learn more about shipping here.



    How long does it take to process in-stock orders? In-stock orders are usually processed in 24 hours.

    Do you ship internationally?  Yes. We can ship our products to any country. Please be aware of local import taxes and duties of which you will be responsible for. You can learn more about shipping here.

    We also have a network of international exclusive distributors: Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, & Thailand. Due to this exclusivity arrangement, we do not accept purchases from customers in these countries. Please visit the Dealers page to obtain contact information in order to buy our products.

    Why do you only ship to the billing address or verified paypal address? All orders will be shipped to the customers billing address only. We verify each and every order with an address verification system. If you provide us with a shipping address that is not verifiable, or does not match your billing address, we will cancel your order. We reserve the right to hold and/or cancel your order if your address on PayPal has not been verified.

    If you need an order shipped to a place other than your billing address, you’ll need to contact us ahead of time to provide us with the information necessary to verify that the address requested is an Authorized Shipping Address with your credit card company and that you are the authorized owner of the credit card.

    Please note: If you do not contact us ahead of time to request a different shipping address, we reserve the right to ship directly to your billing address or cancel the order. Please understand that we enforce this policy to protect our customers against fraud.



    What are ear impressions? Where can I get them? How much does it cost? How do I ship them to you? Ear impressions are exact physical casts of your ear. These will serve as the blueprint for our shell technicians to create your custom in-ear monitors. To have your own ear impressions done, you need to set an appointment with your local audiologist. The costs can range anywhere from $50 to $100 depending on the provider and geographic area. If you need assistance in finding a qualified provider please email us at with your City, State, and Zip Code and we’ll be happy to find one for you or visit our Find An Audiologist page.

    The entire process takes approximately 5-10 minutes. Place your ear impressions in a sturdy box or container with a copy of your order and send them to us at:

    Empire Ears
    5600 Oakbrook Pkwy.
    Suite 100
    Norcross, GA 30093