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Our Research and Development Department looks in every possible space to improve our in ear monitors. They consider each individual facet of the construction and operation of our product, and it is this ludicrously thorough approach that leads us to generate the most cutting edge products on the market. Two years of intense R&D has resulted in a unique and clever solution to one of the least addressed problems in IEM construction: the Anti-Resonance Compound Technology, or A.R.C. Technology. Through it we achieve an IEM that has an unrivaled level of polish in its construction and sound.

Anti Resonance and Durability

A.R.C. is a proprietary combination of advanced polymers that once applied dries into a coating that adds to the relative mass of each component to which it is applied, dampening the resonant vibrations. Beyond that, the specific polymeric mixture is designed to have an exact density to rigidity ratio to maximize the vibration absorption. Too much rigidity and the coating transmits too much of the vibration. Too little and the compound will gum up the sound. The tightly controlled rigidity of the coating also adds an additional layer of shock protection on every individual component within the IEM.

BA (Balanced Armature) drivers are known for their crisp clear sound, but they're also prone to unwanted distortions, peaks, and vibrations. To help mitigate this, our drivers utilize Ferrofluid between the magnets and armature, providing a wide range of damping values - thus eliminating the need for a damping screen in the port tube.

Despite this, there can still be unwanted noise interference affecting the sound due to other components interacting with the BA drivers. However, through our focused research and development, we've pioneered an innovative solution: A.R.C. Technology, a proprietary coating that virtually eliminates unwanted vibrations and resonance from within the in-ear monitors themselves.

A Massive Difference

A.R.C.effectively increases the mass of the in-ear monitor components it’s applied to: every driver, crossover, and sound tube. This gives the internals more solidity while serving as a dampener to absorb the unwanted resonance instead of reflecting them out of phase. The in shell ambience reflecting off the shell walls creates a slight echo and robs the IEM of clarity and causes frequencies to bleed out of phase. With A.R.C. clarity is increased substantially, bass is deeper, and the IEM becomes more efficient overall.

Inspired By Nature

A.R.C. Technology is inspired by natural compoundsThe specific qualities of the A.R.C. were inspired by natural resins that are formed in large, deciduous trees. These extremely viscous resins harden into rosin, a pitch like material that is dense and has non-Newtonian fluid-like characteristics that make it highly durable and shock resistant and able to absorb all sorts of vibration and reverberations. In fact, natural rosin has seen use in musical instruments for centuries, being applied to the strings of a violin for its stick-slip friction component that allows a note to be played more reliably while not affecting the pitch or duration of the note due to it's anti-resonance qualities. By drawing inspiration from natural, tried and true materials we've developed a compound that advances acoustic control by generations.


In-shell resonance is one of the least addressed causes of ear fatigue. By utilizing our A.R.C. we can cut down dramatically on the persistent, out of phase buzz present in many other company’s balanced armature driven technology. This buzz is exacerbated in IEMs with a high degree of isolation like our custom fit models, further necessitating the application of something like A.R.C. Technology. The result is a much cleaner sound with no phase interference, a better listening experience and an isolation that you can genuinely appreciate for hours on end. Appreciate all your in-ears have to offer with Empire Ears and A.R.C. Technology.