Empire Ears Worship Partners

Empire Ears partners with faith groups all over the world, providing equipment and support to their faith leaders and musicians. Elevate your service and musical performances with the best quality in-ear monitors on the market.

We are family owned and operated in Atlanta, Georgia so we understand the value of community and we strive to provide the best service and support to our partners every day.

Working with Free Chapel

We are proud to be working with Free Chapel Church. With eight campuses nationwide, they provide worship services to thousands, and thousands more with their online services. We're grateful to be one of their providers, providing them with the highest quality in-ear monitors, both universal and fully custom models. Watch the video below to see how we support Free Chapel in their efforts to inspire.

Working with 12Stone Church

We have had a long and wonderful relationship with 12Stone Church, providing universal and custom in-ear monitors to their eight campuses throughout Georgia. Watch the video below to see how our relationship helps 12Stone to further inspire their congregation.