Hear from one of our long time clients 12Stone Church. We provide their eight campuses and hundreds of musicians with a wide variety of IEMs - from Universal Bravados for their rotating volunteer musicians to fully customized Zeus XR and Legend X models for their worship leaders and music directors. 12Stone is known for their energetic and musical worship as well as providing their community with a pressure free journey into faith with support at every step.

The Atlanta Family

We are family owned and operated so we understand the value of community and taking care of your family. At our headquarters in Atlanta and we work closely with our partnering churches to provide the best service and resources. We make every effort to go the extra mile for our friends and if you're based in the Atlanta area we're just a short drive away for whatever you need.

We believe in working with worship and faith leaders, both in the Atlanta area and Nationwide, to better serve their communities. We want to provide the in-ear monitors requisite to a faith driven service of the highest standard and to that end we offer a wide variety of models and price points to suit every musician and speaker need as well.

12Stone Customer Testimonial


Whatever problems arise we're here to help our partners from technical difficulties to providing new universal or custom in-ear monitors. We want our partners to succeed just as we do and are committed to providing the access and customer service necessary to thrive. 

You can catch an impassioned service at any one of their 8 campuses. Learn more about their message HERE.

Also, you can find one of their campuses near you HERE. We're so grateful for their kind words and our continued relationship as we move forward growing our fantastic line of customized in ear monitors.