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synX is a supercharged crossover design that designates more individual audio bands per driver than any other crossover technology currently in existence. By creating an ultra-wide, multi-channel highway our engineers can manipulate specific parts of the frequency range in order to precisely craft the target response and eliminate any signs of phase incoherence between the drivers. Alternatively, mixing engineers, performers and audiophiles will have full control of the drivers when equalizing through a mixing console or digital audio player.

Blood, Sweat, Tears & Electrolytic Capacitors

synX is the game changer for Empire EarsFew things are more indicative of the lengths we go to for our products than the synX Crossover Networks we put into our in-ear monitors. True, we scour the earth for the best driver manufactures. True, we have drivers made exactly to our meticulous specifications. Also true, our drivers bring more to the table than any of our competitors. But that’s only half the experience of our sound. Our hand-tuned, handcrafted crossover networks are game changing. Developed with over 30 years audio manufacturing experience across the medical, consumer, and professional markets, the snyX Crossover Networks are responsible for the most honest, pristine and spacious sound on the market today.

The Mad Science

snyX is in every Empire Ears In Ear MonitorDeveloped in the darkest corners of our skunkworks, synX is the pinnacle of phase response control. We install, by hand, a variety of top secret resistors, electrolytic capacitors, splitters, filters and other technologies, soldered in-line to tune our in-ear monitors. We do it in-line because that gives the least resistance to the signal, allowing us to push and pull it to our exacting standards without requiring you to pump more amperage into your ears, almost completely removing ear fatigue. We do not use any pcb boards that would require more power and muddy the signal. This network of hardware splits the signal into multiple frequency bands, delineating those bands to specific drivers. No two drivers are receiving the same signal bands. When playing live or mixing with our ears you can apply an eq that truly only affects the selected range and the responsible drivers. This means that you can work with the flexibility fidelity you need to do your job in any environment with the isolation of in-ear monitors.

Breaking Ground

synX is the industry’s most advanced IEM crossover technology with each model featuring its own uniquely designed synX Crossover Network. synX powered in-ear monitors have remarkably high stereo separation and smooth phase response, leading to more dynamic realistic imaging and staging for both live and studio use. synX features a myriad of other advantages including:

  • Ultra-Wide Frequency Bandwidth: The Bravado, our entry level model, produces a super-wide 8hz to 40khz frequency range, offering listeners unparalleled sound quality and details that bests even the most high-end headphones on the market.
  • Best Signal-to-Noise: In order to ensure that all of the industry-leading sound quality is heard in your ears we’ve worked to create a unique combination of handpicked resistors, electrolytic capacitors, and filters in order to ensure the cleanest signal path possible while offering an exceptionally low noise floor.
  • Low Distortion: Extremely low distortion means that every nuance in your mix will be reproduced faithfully without audible artifacts.
  • Maximum Signal Transfer: Every driver and crossover is individually wired and insulated with 7-strand, UPOCC Litz wires to eliminate acoustic feedback and further soldered with highly conductive, ultra pure silver and gold Mundorf Supreme for maximum signal transfer.

Going The Extra MilesynX Crossover Network Schematic

In short: synX is the difference. If you want the most flexible, honest and pristine sounding in ears that naturally have extreme stereo separation and the smoothest response on the market you need look no further than what comes out of our labs at Empire Ears.