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Praise for Empire Ears

Ryan Soo; Founder of Everyday Listening - reviewer at THL

The Phantom was my favorite earphone from Portafes and probably the most impressive earphone I've ever heard in terms of timbre. Its sound was just terrific, incredibly balanced and especialy linear.

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Josh Bagwell, Guitarist

I've used several different IEMS, but my Empire Ears were a complete game changer for me on stage. The sound is clean and pure and the fit is comfortable whether I'm playing 30 minutes or 4 hours. You won't find an easier or better company to deal with, their staff makes you feel like family and the customer is always first! Empire Ears are the best in the game.

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Josh Mendoza, Keyboardist and Speaker

Being a worship leader for many years, I was never really satisfied with the sound I was getting out of my IEMS, that is until I found Empire! They deliver a crisp, live, and full sound that is detailed in your ears. I couldn't be happier with the sound Empire Ears brings!

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