Empire Ears All New Experience Lounge

Empire Ears All New Experience Lounge

Empire Ears Experience Lounge - In Ear Monitor Demo SpaceWe've poured a lot of blood, sweat and tears into making sure that people have a space relaxed enough to truly demo our products. We've redesigned the Experience Room to have more seating and feel more like a studio space and we're excited to introduce you to the new and totally redone Experience Lounge. We want you to sit down and enjoy trying out various in-ear monitors to find the sound that works for you. Professional musicians will feel right at home in that we've tried to mirror the aesthetic of the studio space and audiophiles will be able to unwind in a space dedicated to the beauty of sound. We're so proud of the quality of our products and we needed a space to match the caliber that you've known us for for so long. As we continue to grow as a company we hope that you will join us in celebrating these milestones that represent our achievements. We know its only a small touch - it's just a room afterall - but we believe in putting the same effort into every facet of our company that we put into our products. We've slowly been adding elements that improve the comfort level of our Experience Lounge and we're finally proud to debut it to you. So you better come in and enjoy it, because without you, our family and clients, we don't have a reason to keep striving for excellence. You all are the reason we keep on the path of The Pursuit of Extraordinary.

Sit Back & Enjoy The Music

Empire Ears Experience Lounge - In Ear Monitor Testing SpaceA total of seven couches encircle a central space, you and your whole posse can sit back and relax while sipping your coffee and demoing the greatest in-ear monitors on the market. We don't want you to feel rushed so we've surrounded you with plush pillows and deep shag carpet so that you can take your sweet time. Two black walls and mood lighting tone down the environment while a massive, glowing and mirrored EE logo reminds you what you're really here for. A massive wall of glass gives the room a sense of unreality and scale that lets your mind wander directly into the music. Enormous, glossy prints of in ear monitors dominate one wall displaying the in ear monitors to the scale of the quality of their sound. 

Live Music Demo Now Available

Empire Ears Experience Lounge - Live Music Demo StationBring your instrument or use one of our guitars and you can experience the full live performance sensation and get a clear, honest idea of what our product sounds like when you use it on stage. Capitalize on all the benefits of the "silent stage" using industry leading in-ear monitors that provide all the critical information necessary to a stellar performance. Get a real feel for what it would be like to perform in IEMs using our new set-up.

We invite you to come in and enjoy the finest in ear monitors available. A full display of custom options, as well as several complete custom IEMs, are available for your perusal. Pick your model and your options while relaxing in style in our luxurious space.