Odin Wins Best Universal IEM of 2020 - AGAIN!

Odin Wins Best Universal IEM of 2020 - AGAIN!

The fine people over at Headfonics.com have seen fit to bestow Odin with an award for the Best Universal IEM of 2020. We are floored to, yet again, receive such praise. It is beyond gratifying to have all of our hard work recognized by one of the largest names in portable hi-fi - so thank you so much to the Headfonics team for this great honor. Read more HERE

It's not just us saying it: Odin is the Best Universal IEM of 2020!!!

Our goal when engineering a flagship IEM is to produce something that causes a paradigm shift in what people believe is possible. We seek to push the boundaries of what people can expect from such a tiny device. We certainly believe that we have been successful in Odin - and it appears that our bet has paid off. Yes, Odin is expensive - crazy expensive, even - but it is also so good. Otherworldly good. Best of the best good. But don't take our word for it:

The Odin is a technical beast bar none with masterful levels of control from the dual subwoofer configuration right up to that nuanced treble tuning...

The Odin is a monster of a monitor with world-class technical capability as well as an explosive and engaging tuning. It will appeal to both the detail freaks and those who want it loud and proud.

This is a performance that really does throw every aspect of their past thinking into one humble shell. We are talking a beautifully controlled but potent sub-bass response, a clean midrange with excellent separation and accurate vocals often to the fore.

It is also the company’s most mature electrostatic treble performance to date mixing a high-fidelity level of articulation with just the right amount of timbral brightness. You will enjoy the bass for sure on the Odin, but what really stands out for me is just how clear and precise that upper midrange and treble control is. It is a wonderful balancing act that Odin really nails.

Thank You Headfonics!

Again, our gratitude runs deep. Swinging for the fences is always a risky proposition, and the recognition of our efforts and success helps to make every stressful day and late night more than worth it.