Empire Ears & The Millennium Tour

Empire Ears & The Millennium Tour

J-Boog Wearing Empire Ears Legend X Custom in-ear monitorsLil' Fizz Rocks Empire Ears Legend X Custom In Ear MonitorsWith a line-up for the ages The Millennium Tour launched earlier this year to sold out arenas and rave reviews. Marked by the reunion of the iconic group B2K, The Millennium Tour features the biggest and most exciting acts from the 2000's. Empire Ears is proud to announce our partnership to support and provide custom in-ear monitors to the tour.

The Legend X Is King

B2K Performs in Empire Ears Legend X Custom In Ear MonitorsAll four members of B2K, Omarion, Lil' Fuzz, J-Boog and Raz-B, along with Lloyd, Bobby V, and the Ying Yang Twins all rock Empire Ears on stage. The most popular model with the talent is, by a wide margin, the Legend X. Given the crazy heights of energy that these performers bring to the stage, it's no wonder they prefer the lively and tight low end and the enormous sound-stage that the Legend X brings to the table. Also popular with the members of the tour is the Bravado - also well suited to a high energy environment, the impression the Bravado makes is hard not to love. 

Raz-B Performs in the Empire Ears Legend X custom in ear monitorsOmarion Points to his Empire Ears Legend X Custom In Ear MonitorsPerformers truly benefit from wearing IEMs on stage in environments like these. With audience members dancing directly below the stage, you don't want your stage mix to color or ruin the experience for anyone. Wearing in-ear monitors or custom in-ear monitors allows the performer to get the exact mix they need with the isolation requisite to hear everything clearly. With no amplification on the stage, concert revelers will get the performance clarity they're expecting and can truly have a wonderful time. 

Omarion's Custom Legend X In-Ear MonitorsWe're so thrilled that The Millennium Tour came to us to help service their IEM and CIEM needs. We went all out with their customizations. You can see here Omarion's ears where we did a custom engraving of his logo and filled it with gold.