SoCal CanJam - Introducing The Wraith and The Valkyrie

SoCal CanJam - Introducing The Wraith and The Valkyrie

We're so excited for SoCal CanJam because this year we've got some shiny new toys. We will have two new prototypes available for demo and pre-order, Wraith and Valkyrie. Both new units contain electrostatic drivers, all new technologies, and represent the start of a new era in portable high fidelity audio. We announced these in ear monitors earlier this month in Hong Kong and now they're making their United States debut at SoCal CanJam! Please come on by and try the new units.

The Announcement

Empire Ears Wraith In Ear MonitorHong Kong is one of the most amazing cities on this planet. Thrumming with activity 24 hours a day, HK is a mecca for tourists, artists, foodies and audiophiles alike. We have a strong presence in HK thanks to our strong network of dealers and retailers. So when we were given the opportunity to tease our two new models with Crystal Sound Audio we leaped at the opportunity. During a live broadcast we shared some details about our two new models, complete with a pair of prototypes to demo, as well as introduced some new Empire Ears exclusive technology. The feedback has been amazing, we're so grateful to have fans and customers that believe what we do, the way we do it. And so, after what feels like a thousand years of grueling R&D, we are beyond proud and excited to share with you The Wraith and The Valkyrie, the world's finest electrostatic driver in ear monitors, driven by our new EIVEC technology. 

EIVEC - Empire Intelligent Variable Electrostatic Control

Empire Ears EIVEC TechnologyElectrostatic Drivers have a ludicrously broad range of capability, reliably producing the enormous 4kHz to 100kHz range. Granted, anything over 20kHz is not audible to your average person, but a driver possessing the agility requisite to stably operate at those higher frequencies is also capable of resolution and detail unparalleled by any other type of driver. However, for all their capability, getting them to cooperate with their dynamic and balanced armature peers is nigh impossible. Enter EIVEC - Empire's answer to the EST. Through EIVEC, we've managed to tame the EST, layering its detail and resolution seamlessly within our tuning. The results are incredible, unprecedented levels of details without any of the fatigue or overly bright qualities that plague many EST IEMs.

The Valkyrie - The Tribrid That Changes Everything

Empire Ears Valkyrie In Ear Monitor

Valkyrie captures all the energy and emotion of your music and presents it draped in extreme detail and clarity. The rich and tight low end powered by our Weapon IX subwoofer drives a charged listening experience while luxurious mids and crisp highs lay every component of your music before you, abundantly clear. Dynamic and spirited, Valkyrie capitalizes on its 4-way synX Crossover Network and the all-new EIVEC technology to fully captivate the listener's attention. Bringing the three disparate driver technologies together represented a huge challenge, and we came close so many times, but it was never good enough. Finally, Valkyrie arrived and we knew instantly that we had something special. 

The Wraith - The World's First Quad EST In Ear Monitor

Empire Ears Wraith In Ear Monitor

The Wraith raises the bar on what's possible in portable high fidelity audio, bringing more technology to bear than anything we've ever accomplished. Inside its tiny shell lay thousands of hours of R&D, and we believe Wraith stands as a testament to detail, a personal auditorium where performances are presented in absolute clarity. Wraith represents the culmination of everything we've accomplished at Empire Ears, every piece of technology we've developed, every trick and hack we've used, and then some. In Wraith, we wring out every ounce of potential from the drivers, and the result is a world unto itself, robust and delicate, detailed and serene.