Japanese Exclusive - The Midas Touch

Japanese Exclusive - The Midas Touch

E-Earphone is Empire's #1 DealerEmpire Ears Legend X In Ear MonitorE-Earphone was our #1 dealer last year, making Empire Ears' Legend X the #1 in-ear monitor in Japan. We appreciated all the hard work they've done on our behalf so we made an exclusive Legend X just for them! Gold on gold, this Legend X features a brushed gold face-plate and gold wings on a storm shell for a dramatic and regal appearance. If the striking looks do it for you, you better start booking that flight to Japan because you can purchase one of these bad boys through E-Earphone and no where else. 

Re-Skinning The Flagship

Empire Ears Legend X In-Ear MonitorThe Legend X is king. With its emphatic and controlled bass and immersive, expansive sound stage, the Legend X reigns with authority in the studio, on the stage and for pure listening bliss. The Weapon IX technology used to drive the low end leads the industry in articulation and impact. In addition to the enormous 10-way synX Crossover network, the seven total drivers serve to present an image full and rich, but with a high enough resolution that none of the detail or nuance are lost. The culmination of all this technology is an in-ear monitor that has the most satisfying and emotional listen-ability out of any on the market. 

Harmonic Perfection

Empire Ears E-Earphone ExclusiveThe Legend X makes great use of its 10-way synX Crossover Network, providing users with unrivaled detail and adaptability. The Legend X is agile and accurate to any EQ applied to it. By delineating the frequency range in to ten discreet bands via the synX network, any alterations made to those bands stay within those bands. There is no driver bleed when pushing or pulling on a specific frequency range. It is that same flexibility that has allowed us to apply a tuning that is divine. Everything in the sound signature is deliberate and independent, but when those pieces come together you truly end up with a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.