Valkyrie & Wraith Now Available For Online Pre-Order! Also, Summer NAMM 2019

Valkyrie & Wraith Now Available For Online Pre-Order! Also, Summer NAMM 2019

Empire Ears Valkyrie In Ear Monitor

Nothing has made us as proud as our newest generation of in ear monitors, Wraith and Valkyrie. We've thrown everything we have into these units and now it's official, they're available for online pre-order! We estimate to ship the units in Late August, 2019.

Empire Ears Wraith In Ear Monitor

The New Standard

The combination of EIVEC, Electrostatic Drivers and our decades of experience is what drives the most compelling listening experiences on the market. We have truly sought to elevate what can be expected from personal audio equipment, and while we leave it to you to judge if we've been successful, we're pretty confident you'll agree. 

The Valkyrie

Our new tribrid IEM - boasting a Weapon IX dynamic subwoofer for the lows, a luscious balanced armature for the mids, and the all new EST driver for the highs - brings more energy to the table than any IEM previously. Capture the true emotion and energy of a live performance, feel as if you're in the studio while the band records, Valkyrie lays all details bare with a fist bumping intensity that somehow manages to be both bombastic and intimate at the same time. Valkyrie is available as a universal or custom in ear monitor. Exclusive to Valkyrie is the all new and exclusive Dragonhide faceplate, unavailable on any other in ear monitor, and the Eros II cable from Effect Audio for a package that is truly hard to beat. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

The Wraith

The world's first quadruple electrostat in ear monitor, Wraith is the king of detail. With 11 drivers powering a listening experience unlike any other, four EST drivers and 7 balanced armature drivers, Wraith presents itself in an enormous sound stage, delivering each and every nuance of the music to you in blissful clarity. Akin to sitting in the front row of your own personal auditorium, Wraith has been described as 'The Ultimate Conductor' for how it gives each element in the mix room to breathe and grow, resulting in an unbelievably rich and satisfying listen. Wraith is only available as an universal in ear monitor and comes standard with the stunning Cleopatra cable from Effect Audio and our all new, only-available-on-the-Wraith faceplate, Amethyst Infused Carbon Fiber. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

Summer Namm 2019

We're hoping you can join us this weekend in Nashville, Tennessee for NAMM. Always a wonderful show chock full of gear, NAMM is one of our favorites. If you're not in the industry, you can purchase a day pass on Saturday, July 20th for the public access day to swing by and try out all of our goodies. We're hoping to see you there this year!