• Bravado MKII (Universal)
  • Bravado MKII (Universal)
  • Bravado MKII (Universal)
  • Bravado MKII (Universal)
  • Bravado MKII (Universal)
  • Bravado MKII (Universal)
  • Bravado MKII (Universal)
  • Bravado MKII (Universal)
  • Bravado MKII (Universal)

Bravado MKII (Universal)

The Bravado MKII is the next generation of the Bravado and is the sequel to one of our best selling IEMs. At its core is a substantially upgraded 4 driver tribrid configuration designed to exude the same u-shaped fighting spirit as its predecessor while addressing the growing need for even more dynamic range, detail retrieval and soundstage. All of this is made possible with the most advanced IEM technology currently available: a next generation W9+ subwoofer, a proprietary balanced armature driver and dual electrostatics divided 6-ways via a reengineered synX crossover network backed by EIVEC and ARC resonance mitigation technology.

The Bravado MKII embodies our relentless quest to push the limits of design and performance to a new extreme. With bolder styling, more technology and performance than ever before the Bravado MKII takes its class-obliterating heritage to unprecedented heights.


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Reviewers's Notes

Bass is the star of the Bravado MKII tuning.  It goes down deep with an elevated sub-bass rumble, powerful visceral mid-bass impact with above average speed and surprisingly well controlled decay which gives you a clean separation from the lower mids. The soundstage is above average, wide enough, but I do find more depth and height in comparison to width.  The imaging is convincing within limits of above average soundstage.  It is still LX Jr in my book, but with less bass and smoother treble.

Regardless of some other multi-kilobuck birds I have been listening to lately, I still enjoy Bravado MKII very much, like a guilty-pleasure bass snack! For me personally, in the last few weeks Bravado MKII became my Every Day BASS Carry IEM.

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Empire Ears Bravado MKII

Technical Specifications

4 Proprietary Drivers, Tribrid Design

1 Next Generation W9+ Subwoofer - Sub-Bass/Bass

1 Proprietary Balanced Armature Driver - Mid

2 Premium Electrostatic Drivers - 1 High, 1 Super-High

6-Way synX Crossover Network

EIVEC - Empire Intelligent Variable Electrostatic Control Technology

A.R.C. Resonance Mitigation Technology

Impedance: 4 Ohms @ 1kHz

Frequency Response: 5 Hz - 100kHz

Sensitivity: 99dB @ 1kHz, 1mW

Bespoke Alpha IV UPOCC Copper Litz Cable

Bravado MKII In-Ear Monitor Explosion

Proprietary Technologies

Empire Ears Proprietary Technologies


Alpha IV cable

At Empire Ears we believe that an extraordinary IEM requires an extraordinary cable. We're proud to introduce Alpha-IV (A4); a premium handcrafted 4 core cable comprised of a proprietary 26AWG UPOCC Litz Copper with multi-size stranding. The advantage of multi-sized stranded design within the same encapsulations enables A4 to achieve distinct highs and details due to the signal transmission speed in thinner cable strands, while the thicker size cable strands deliver smoother bass and mids.

A4 features a durable, overmolded .78 2-pin connector offered with either a 3.5mm right angle or 2.5mm balanced termination and improves upon the previous cable design. 2.5 to 3.5mm and 4.4mm Empire adapters are available HERE.

Alpha IV Y-Split
Empire Ears Adapters

Deep Field - The Immeasurable Mystery

Deep Field - Exclusive Faceplate for Empire Ears Bravado MKII In Ear Monitor

The Bravado MKII has an all new livery, adorned with a suspended metallic glitter faceplate - called Deep Field - that, like the sound signature of the Bravado MKII itself, toes the line between subtle and bombastic. Named for the famed Hubble Telescope image, Deep Field encompasses the unknowable depths of the universe in its shimmery surface, inspiring the same sense of wonder as the photo from which it gets its name.

A Trinity In Unity

Boasting three of the industry’s most advanced driver technologies, Bravado MKII is truly a standout tribrid IEM with an uncompromising performance ethos focused on delivering the purest connection between listener and IEM.

W9+ Subwoofer
Empire Ears Weapon 9 Technology

Weapon IX+

Our signature W9+ dynamic driver brought serious performance to the IEM world by combining the breakthrough of an enclosed woofer in a tuned bass-reflex system. Elevating the W9 design formula to its highest level, the W9+ boasts a larger internal coil diameter, more linear excursion envelope along with a more capable suspension to handle peak-to-peak excursion while mitigating distortion. W9+ extinguishes any limits the previous design had and delivers unparalleled bass on all fronts.

Every W9+ subwoofer is hand assembled to our exacting quality standards in our Norcross, Georgia laboratory.

BA Drivers

Bravado MKII comes equipped with a proprietary balanced armature driver to deliver the signature midrange that the world has come to know and love from Empire Ears.


Precision Balanced Armature Driver
Balanced Armature Drivers
Dual Electrostatic Drivers
High, Ultra-High
Electrostatic Drivers

EST Drivers

Bravado MKII masterfully manipulates dual electrostatic drivers in unison with our proprietary EIVEC technology to effortlessly reproduce a remarkable 5Hz-100kHz frequency range. The ultralight moving membrane within Bravado MKII’s electrostatic drivers give the most accurate transient response, resulting in unparalleled clarity, separation and detail.


synX Crossover Technology

Legendary Crossover Network

Genetically dissimilar from the rest of the IEM world, our synX crossover network truly stands out with countless bespoke methods and technologies protecting it as a unique masterpiece. A marriage of 3 different driver technologies become symphonized by a unique, proprietary 6-way synX crossover network designed to maximize performance from each and every driver.

Click HERE to learn more about synX.

Source To Sound

synX advantages

synX powered in-ear monitors have remarkably high stereo separation and smooth phase response, leading to more dynamic realistic imaging and staging for both live and studio use. synX features a myriad of other advantages including:

Ultra-Wide Frequency Bandwidth: The Bravado MKII produces a super-wide frequency range, offering listeners unparalleled sound quality and details that bests even the most high-end headphones on the market.

Best Signal-to-Noise: In order to ensure that all of the industry-leading sound quality is heard in your ears we’ve worked to create a unique combination of handpicked resistors, electrolytic capacitors, and filters in order to ensure the cleanest signal path possible while offering an exceptionally low noise floor.

Low Distortion: Extremely low distortion means that every nuance in your mix will be reproduced faithfully without audible artifacts.

Maximum Signal Transfer: Every driver and crossover is individually wired and insulated with 7-strand, UPOCC Litz wires to eliminate acoustic feedback and further soldered with highly conductive, ultra pure silver and gold Mundorf Supreme for maximum signal transfer.


Empire Intelligent Variable Electrostatic Control

EIVEC Electrostatic Transformer

The lightning-quick electrostatic drivers accommodates Bravado MKII's wide frequency range while remaining balanced and compact. A single bespoke transformer unites the dual electrostats via our proprietary EIVEC technology to all of the other components while eliminating any signs of phase incoherence and distortion.

Click HERE to read more about EIVEC.


A.R.C. Technology


Empire Ears ARC Effect


ARC (Anti-Resonance Compound) is a proprietary conformal coating that virtually eliminates unwanted vibrations and resonance from within IEMs. ARC effectively increases the mass of the components it’s applied to: every driver, crossover, and sound tube. This gives the internals more solidity while serving as a dampener to absorb the unwanted resonance instead of reflecting them out of phase. With A.R.C. clarity is increased substantially, bass is deeper, and the IEM becomes more efficient.


What's In The Box

Empire Ears What's In The Box


Included at no additional charge with each order.

  • In Ear Monitor
  • Empire Pandora Case
  • Empire Cleaning Cloth
  • Empire Cleaning Tool
  • Final Audio Type E Tips - SS, S, M, L, LL

Proudly Handcrafted In The USA

Empire Ears has long prided itself for home-grown craftsmanship, with artisans donning lab coats and honing years of OEM factory experience before being entrusted to handle the Empire lineage. While several of our competitors have taken their manufacturing overseas or have turned to automation we’ve remained true to our handcrafted, made-in-USA roots to not only provide jobs to our local community but to ensure that quality is never compromised.

Every Empire Ears in-ear monitor is proudly designed, engineered, and manufactured in Norcross, Georgia USA.