Running his own studio and mastering suite in Atlanta, Georgia, Grammy winning Jeremiah Adkins - AKA TheMixGuru - has the know-how and the drive to be one of music's biggest names. However, his dedication to the grass-roots independent artists has him splitting his time between AAA acts like Taylor Swift and Lil Wayne and many of the emerging artists in Atlanta's varied music scene. Loving father and husband, he is a devoted family man and musical genius.

Winning his first Grammy on Lacrae's gospel album, Gravity, Jeremiah Adkins never fails to being his passion and experience to bear on any project. Lending us those attributes during our development of the Legend X, we were able to collaborate with him to produce a beast of a product that is unrivaled in the market. His fingerprints are all over the Legend X - from the dual subs to the huge soundstage, Jeremiah Adkins exacting standards drove our R&D to develop something truly new and unique. We're beyond grateful to count Jeremiah among our family and look forward to future collaborations.

Jeremiah's dedication to music and desire to work with artists of every genre and walk of life has seen him carve out his little empire here in Atlanta. If you need mixing or mastering services from one the industry's best, look no further than Jeremiah Adkins.