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Created for working professionals, the EP Series is the new standard for mixing on stage or in studio, and is the result of a complete overhaul of our purpose-driven design philosophy. Remaining true to our creed “Built to a Purpose, Not to a Price Point” the EP Series incorporates new technologies that fully optimize the proprietary balanced armature drivers, giving the EP Series its signature sound. Those same drivers are selected for the incredible fidelity and reliability inherent to the balanced armature architecture, but also - and arguably more importantly, for their anti-fatiguing qualities. These in-ear monitors are built to be worn for the entirety of your work day, providing pristine sound and unrivaled isolation but keeping your ears fresh and ready all day.


Empire Ears EVR In Ear MonitorDesigned for live performance, the Empire Vocal Reference - EVR - captures the subtlest nuances across an enormous dynamic range with unprecedented frequency response. Tight and accurate beyond all measure the EVR is driven by three balanced armature drivers powered by our three-way synX Crossover Network and is perfect for vocalists in the studio or on the stage. It has a slightly forward mid-range to emphasize the depth and power of the vocal performance without losing touch with the rest of the band. Tuned in conjunction with GRAMMY Award winning producer Sam Ash, the  EVR gives attention to every asset of a performance without bringing anything too forward or leaving anything too far back. To learn more about the EVR, click HERE.


Empire Ears ESR In Ear MonitorTuned in the studio the Empire Studio Reference - ESR - is built specifically for exacting engineers and producers that require a completely linear in-ear monitor for studio reference. The ESR uses three balanced armature drivers propelled by our signature 4-way synX Crossover Network. It is a studio monitor that fits in your pocket. Hallmarked by its ultra-fast transient response, extremely broad dispersion and exceptional dynamics this colorless in-ear monitor provides a flawless, neutral response with pinpoint details, incredibly precise imaging, clean separation and the high resolution of our competitor's top-tier IEMs, all at a mid-tier price. The ESR was tuned with the help of GRAMMY Award winning mastering engineer Michael Graves. Click HERE to hear what he has to say about Empire Ears. To learn more about the ESR click HERE.

The Phantom

Empire Ears Phantom In Ear MonitorThe flagship of the EP Series, The Phantom is the product of unending innovation and reckless ambition. Combining absolute fidelity and perfect balance this revolutionary in-ear monitor challenges the status quo. A huge three-dimensional stage, industry leading tonal accuracy, and a versatile signature this reference monitor aims to please both musical professionals and audiophiles. The 5 balanced armature drivers promise easy listening and no ear fatigue while the 5-way synX Crossover Network tunes this in-ear monitor to perfection. Designed in tandem with GRAMMY Award winning mastering engineer, Michael Graves. To learn more about the Phantom click HERE.

The synX Crossover Network


Don’t be fooled by the so-called humble driver counts in the EP Series, combining the top-of-the-line balanced armature drivers with our snyX crossover technology results in an unrivaled clarity and honesty. By delineating the signal into more bands, the EP Series delivers a pristine sound that is flexible and true. If you’re sitting at a mixing board and pushing your eq around, the snyX crossover tech allows you to fully isolate the frequency range you’ve selected on your board and effect that range - and the producing drivers - only, leaving the rest of the range uncolored by your mix. Click HERE to read more about our snyX Crossover Technology

A.R.C. - Anti-Resonance Compound


Resonance within the shell kills the purity of sound, and can lead to ear fatigue. We coat every component and the interior of the shell with our proprietary Anti-Resonance Compound, or A.R.C., which totally absorbs and dampens all in-shell resonance. A.R.C. is one of the technologies unique to Empire Ears that truly sets our products apart from our competition. A.R.C. is exemplary of the standard that our engineering and craftsmanship designs and builds our in-ear monitors to. Click HERE to read more about our A.R.C. technology, and how far Empire Ears goes to provide the best products on the market.

Hand Crafted

We put our blood, sweat, and tears into every in-ear monitor that we build. Every individual component is inspected by hand and held to the highest standard. Then, every in-ear monitor is handcrafted by our passionate craftsmen. We put the time and experience into each product requisite to deliver the standard of quality we’ve built our business on. From shell construction through to hand lacquering each unit, we don’t play around.

Full Customization Available


Our products were designed to work flawlessly as our universal models, but nothing beats the isolation and comfort of a custom shelled in-ear monitor. Let us shoot your molds or provide us with molds of your ears and we will hand-craft an in-ear monitor that delivers the highest possible quality of comfort, isolation and sound.