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Empire Ears does things differently. We are constantly innovating, pushing ourselves to find ways to make a better product and provide a better service. Nothing is more exemplary of that than our fully American made, hand-crafted line of in-ear monitors, the X Series. We fill every shell to the brim with proprietary technology and custom built components in an effort to push boundaries and explore what is possible with in-ear monitors. Designed to take in-ear monitor technology to new heights, the X Series delivers with superior control, unmatched clarity and a visceral, organic presentation.

Built for a Purpose, not to a Price-point

Every one of our products is built for a specific purpose and not to fill a price point. The X Series IEMs focus on providing honest and specific feedback for a live mix environment across a variety of instruments. Delivering a raw and instinctive sound, the X Series is built to overwhelm the senses with its amazing and unrivaled qualities.

Hybrid Design

Balanced armature drivers are the professional's standard. True, honest, non-fatiguing sound across the entire frequency range with tighter responses and super broad dispersion. Dynamic drivers use a diaphragm push sound into the ear resulting in rich tones and emphatic, visceral bass. By combining the two we can create a listening experience unique in its fullness and unrivaled in its sound. Bringing together our proprietary Weapon IX dynamic drivers with the versatility and dynamic range of balanced armature drivers results in a line of in-ear monitors unmatched in their energy, quality, and enjoy-ability.

The Bravado

Empire Ears Bravado In Ear MonitorThe Empire Ears Bravado has NO business sounding as good as it does considering it is "just" a dual driver in-ear monitor. It truly redefines the entry level segment with class leading performance and ground breaking technology. Bringing a 3-way synX Crossover Network to bear on its two drivers - one balanced armature, one Weapon IX subwoofer - the Bravado brings perfect coherency to the relationship between dynamic and balanced armature drivers. Uncanny precision up top and natural, rich bass beneath, the sound profile of the Bravado is balanced with precise imaging and separation. You won't believe your ears. More info HERE.

The Vantage

Empire Ears Vantage In Ear MonitorRemarkably smooth with unmatched clarity the Vantage is an in-ear monitor that reigns supreme in the studio and on the stage. Bridging the enormous gap between "audiophiles" and an "enhanced bass" sound profile, the Vantage achieves what was previously thought impossible. Using its excellent accuracy across the entire frequency spectrum and capitalizing on its twin Weapon IX subwoofers to produce a rich and significant bass, the Vantage stays true to its audiophile roots of air, transparency and separation. Tending towards warmth with an exceptional level of detail. Bass might be a highlight but using its 5-way synX Crossover Network the Vantage uses its smooth and musical treble and slightly forward mid-range to truly impress. More info HERE.

The Nemesis

Empire Ears Nemesis In Ear MonitorExtremely popular with drummers, bassists and audiophiles alike the raw and visceral Nemesis captures the intense spirit and emotion of music. Twin Weapon IX subwoofers drive a rich and unwavering bass while three balanced armature drivers produce natural vocals and precise instrumentality. Designed to reproduce the sensation of a live concert the Nemesis can be felt as much as heard. Thunderous bass enriches the low end while an ever-so-slightly lifted treble elevates the sound signature to a clear, powerful image despite the rich low end. Truly, the Nemesis faithfully reproduces a live experience that you have to feel to believe. More info HERE.

The Legend X

Empire Ears Legend X In Ear MonitorThe flagship of the X Series, the Legend X takes in-ear monitor performance to the highest possible point. Pushing limits at every turn, the Legend X is a world-class, prestige IEM from a new era of uncompromising design and ground-breaking engineering. Every facet of this IEM is extraordinary - from its armament of 7 drivers - including twin Weapon IX 9mm subwoofers, to its industry leading, state-of-the-art 10-way synX Crossover Network. The Legend X is the culmination of everything we strive for. Energetic and addicting, the smooth treble rides across a deep-reaching, impactful low end. Top-tier transparency and separation dance across one of the largest and most three-dimensional sound stages in the market. The Legend X is king. More info HERE

The synX Crossover Network


Breaking the signal into several individual frequency bands allows for unrivaled control of the frequency response to allow for precise tuning. With snyX we can carefully delineate which frequency bands are played by which drivers, meaning we can add an extra oomph to the low-mids by pushing some of the signal to a subwoofer in addition to the mid drivers, all while maintaining the accuracy and honesty necessary to provide quality sound. Read more about our synX Crossover Networks HERE.

A.R.C. - Anti-Resonance Compound


A.R.C. is a proprietary compound used to dampen the resonance to provide pristine sound. Every element as well as the interior of the shell are coated in A.R.C. to kill any unwanted resonance and vibration. Resonance within the housing of the in ear monitor can alter the sound signature, robbing the listener of the clarity and purity that they seek, as well as fatiguing the listener’s ear. Click HERE to read more about our A.R.C. technology, and how far Empire Ears goes to provide the best products on the market.

The Weapon IX

At n enormous 9mm in diameter, the Weapon IX is the world’s premiere in-ear subwoofer and low-end driver. Bringing rich, true tones to the low end and the providing a revealing, physical sensation the Weapon IX subwoofers are the first in-ear drivers that you can feel in your chest. So much of music is experienced in the low end from the visceral sensations of a subwoofer, and that's why we've dedicated considerable time and resources to create the sensation of a genuine subwoofer in an in-ear driver. Revealing, rich and honest, read more about the incrediblie Weapon IX System HERE.

Hand Crafted

We put our blood, sweat, and tears into every in-ear monitor that we build. Every individual component is inspected by hand and held to the highest standard. Then, every in-ear monitor is handcrafted by our passionate craftsmen. We put the time and experience into each product requisite to deliver the standard of quality we’ve built our business on. From shell construction through to hand lacquering each unit, we don’t play around.

Full Customization Available


Our products were designed to work flawlessly as our universal models, but nothing beats the isolation and comfort of a custom shelled in-ear monitor. Let us shoot your molds or provide us with molds of your ears and we will hand-craft an in-ear monitor that delivers the highest possible quality of comfort, isolation and sound. You can customize every facet of the design HERE.