Custom In-Ear

    MODEL: Legend X
    LEFT FACEPLATE: Silver Carbon Fiber
    RIGHT FACEPLATE: Silver Carbon Fiber
    LEFT SHELL: Opaque Onyx
    RIGHT SHELL: Opaque Onyx
    NOTE: We are sending in her ear molds. I spoke with Dylan on the phone he knows to expect them. She is playing a show the 22nd if there's any way to have them by the 20th that would be wonderful so she can test them out. I'm going to select the expedited shipping option to help with that. Thank you!
    LEFT LOGO: No Logo
    RIGHT LOGO: No Logo
    CABLE TERMINATION: Ares II Cable - 3.5mm, Standard
    EAR IMPRESSIONS: New Customer: Will send in new impression.
    Starting at $2,399.00